frequently asked questions


What is a life coach?

My job as a coach is to ask powerful questions, listen, and empower your path. The CTI coaching model holds that you are “naturally creative, resourceful and whole — completely capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you may face.”

Am I a good candidate for coaching? 

People who benefit the most from coaching are in a curious, thoughtful, resourceful, and open state of mind. They are ready to do the work to propel them forward.  

How much time does it take?

Most of my clients schedule 30-minute appointments twice per month. But the accrual of time is essential – it is best to make a six-month commitment up front to reap the benefits coaching can provide.  

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching begins with the premise that you are “creative, resourceful, and whole.” It isn’t about shoring up deficits or exploring your past— coaching takes a look at where you are now, and what you want moving forward. (Some therapists blend elements of coaching into their work.)

How is coaching different from consulting?

A consultant provides instruction, or offers advice, on the foundation of a shared area of expertise in a particular field. Unlike consultants, a coach doesn’t give advice. A coach is trained to help individuals explore their own thought processes to gain clarity, perspective, and direction — regardless of the field or context. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Everyone is different! Success can depend on personality, temperament, desire, and faith in the process. The results are up to you. Also, to note, it’s perfectly fine to enter coaching with questions about the process. But if you’re a cynic, don’t waste your time and money. 

What if I don’t know what I want? 

That’s actually a great place to start! You have an intuition that coaching might help reveal the path. If what you want is not clear yet, we’ll work on discovery and definition first.  

What if I’m not ready?

Committing to the journey is the only prep work you need to do. Sometimes (especially if we’re perfectionists) we try to think our way to the solution when the real answer lies in taking action. The only thing you need to do is begin.

What if I’m nervous?

I get it. It’s a vulnerable process to say you want more — or something different — from life. It’s a big step to enlist a stranger to help sort it out because they might see that your life isn’t perfect. (And trust me – I get it. I’m the person who would clean my house before the house cleaner arrived.) 

How does it work? 

I am based in Las Vegas, Nevada, so if you’re a local, we can schedule meetings in person. Otherwise, we’ll meet over the phone or via videoconferencing.

What else do I need to know?

Coaching has changed my own life, and I still work with my own coach. I believe in taking action, and I value vulnerability, clarity, reason, and play. Everyone’s mindset is always under construction – all of us. But change is possible. You have the power to transform your life.